About Us

Our dedication to quality in everything we do is uncompromising, and covers every stage of development, production and marketing of our medicines including the supply of materials through to manufacturing and approval by the strictest authorities in the world.

Equipped to guarantee the quality of our products. Equipment is tested and certified, and every manufacturing process is validated. All supplier procedures are strictly supervised to ensure that only the highest-grade materials are used in our products.

With a global presence, timely, reliable and cost-effective distribution is critical to our customers’ ability to provide their end consumers with safe and effective products at the right time.

vistamedpharma.com strives to create a work environment that enriches employee professional and personal lives.

vistamedpharma.com expertise in supply chain, operational network, infrastructure and R&D, ultimately serving millions of customers in the growing world wide pharmaceuticals market.

Our manufacturing network is continuously optimized so that our customers can have full confidence in our supply chain. This is enabled by high-volume, technologically-advanced distribution facilities. These facilities allow us to deliver products swiftly and reliably. We continually review our capabilities and capacity. This ensures that we can consistently deliver best-in-class products. Our customers know that their end-consumers are receiving high-quality pharmaceuticals.

Here at Estand Pharmacy, we believe in accessible medicine. This encouraged us to create an online store offering high-quality research chemicals for sale at affordable price. We strive to make rare products approachable which is why we give you an opportunity to buy any amount of chemicals without any prescription. Our customers’ confidentiality is our top priority. For this reason, we ship all products is airtight, odor-free, discreet packaging to make sure your purchase stays your private business.

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Order research chemicals and medical drugs online without ever leaving the comfort of your home! We offer multiple payment options for your convenience:

  • Bitcoin
  • Western Union
  • MoneyGram
  • Ria money
  • Bank-to-bank transfer